Thank you to everyone who attended the ACPMP Event in Tampa on November 5th. It was a beautiful day in downtown Tampa and an amazing time had by all. We passed the goal of $5,000 and I am hopeful that we will be very close to $7,000 when everything is totalled.

A HUGE THANKS to Robin's Nest Photography for the great pictures. Check them out: 
Rich Boozell

The First annual Tampa Bay PMP/Appendix Cancer Awareness 5K Fun Run & Walk took place on Saturday, November 5, 2016 (4:30 to 8:30) at Cotanchobee Fort Brooke Park in Tampa.

Thank you for helping us raise awareness and funding for education and research to find a cure for Appendix Cancer and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP) Cancer through the ACPMP Research Foundation, a 501(c)3.

4:30 Survivor/Caregiver Check-in/Welcome
5:00 Participant Check-in
6:00 Welcome/Speakers
6:30 5K Fun Run
6:35 Walk

Adults (18 and over) $25
Kids (Under 18) $15
Day of Event Registration $20.00
Can't attend but want to help? Register for the Virtual 5K $10.00

Event registrations between October 14 - November 05 will not include a T-shirt.
T-shirts have already been ordered, we apologize for this, but it was necessary to place the order to have the shirts in time for the event. 

GOAL: $5,000.00
Raised: $7,031.49
Registrants Activity
Julia Castellana$15.00
Pamela Castellana$25.00
Sharon Alejandro$20.00
Maria Jose Aristizabal $50.00
Alun Bell$10.00
Gary Black$25.00
Dick Boozell$25.00
Janice Boozell$25.00
Josh Boozell$50.00
Rich Boozell$105.00
Melissa Brass$25.00
Jennifer Buecker$25.00
Aaron Butler$25.00
Jill Cobb$20.00
Barbara Cooksey$100.00
Joyce Cover$50.00
Jackie Crews$25.00
Kevin Crews$25.00
Rea Davis$25.00
Gary Davison$100.00
Paola Dees$25.00
Emma DeLorey$15.00
Matthew DeLorey$25.00
Susan DeLorey$25.00
Pamela DeWitt$25.00
Debbie Diroff$25.00
Barry Dole$25.00
Christopher Dole$25.00
Karen Dole $365.00
Laura Drach$100.00
Lisa Englebright$25.00
Alissa-Rae Eonda$25.00
Hope Evans$50.00
Alexander Garcia$15.00
Miguel Garcia$70.00
Xavier Garcia$15.00
Kim Gilbert$25.00
Hubert Glenn$25.00
Sheryl Heffernan$10.00
Barbara Hooper$62.00
Katrina Kidd$0.00
Jacqueline Koehler$100.00
Jay Koehler$25.00
Krista Kohout$25.00
Kelly Linko$25.00
Catherine Major$100.00
Tabietha Manes$50.00
Joel Marin$25.00
Chris Marsha$100.00
Anne McGaugh$50.00
Lynda Meador$25.00
Madison Meador$15.00
Mason Meador$15.00
Mia Meador$15.00
Mikayla Meador$15.00
Ryan Meador$25.00
Christina Meadows$25.00
Anthony Miller$50.00
Matthew Miller$25.00
Tara Miller$25.00
Maria Negron$50.00
Nicole Noggle$25.00
Susan Ortega$10.00
Grace Pasden$20.00
Beth Patterson$25.00
Phyllis Phillips$122.00
Tyler Pidgeon$25.00
Kassandra Pierre$25.00
Bryan Pille$25.00
Denise Pille$25.00
Rich Rankin$25.00
Richard Reed$100.00
Joel Remigio$25.00
Isabella Ricciotti$15.00
Kimberly Ricciotti$25.00
Nicholas Ricciotti$15.00
Kathy Richards$62.00
Amy Richter$100.00
Luis Rivera$10.00
Pat Rogers$100.00
Dale Lynn Ryan$25.00
Madison Ryan$25.00
Mark Ryan$25.00
Billy Sargent$25.00
Michele Schrotter$25.00
Rhonda Shields$22.00
Claudia Shipman$25.00
Robin Shipman$25.00
Whitney Shipman$25.00
Margaret Smith$25.00
Antonius Sowma$50.00
Kyle Sowma$15.00
Christopher Stimac$25.00
Therese Surges$50.00
Therese Surges$25.00
Therese Surges$25.00
Frances Tidd$10.00
Betty Uptagraft$50.00
John Veltri$25.00
Tammi Veltri$50.00
Kathy Vicory$50.00
Loan Von Der Lancken$25.00
Ava Weber$15.00
Jenesa Weber$25.00
Liam Weber$25.00
Bill Weiss$250.00
Vanita Williamson$25.00
Connie Winkler$75.00
Audrey Ziegler$25.00
Nancy Zweil$250.00
Teams Activity
Ryan Strong$150.00
Team Cheney Dole$1,350.00
Team DrACH ATTACK$1,490.00
Team Hope$75.00
Team Nancy$1,895.49
Team Rich$764.00
Team Tabby$100.00
Team Tara$50.00
The Mighty Pidgeons$50.00
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